Frequently Asked Questions

Why a teacher for tutoring?

For early childhood Pre-K through elementary, certified teachers have the most training to assess those age groups and the experience and expertise to help. Early childhood certified classroom teachers are the most experienced with assessing young children’s behavior and understanding and utilizing kids’ learning techniques. Let’s face it, teachers also really know the system and how to boost  See more...

Doesn’t my child already have a teacher?

If your child has a lousy teacher, an in-home teacher for private tutoring can make up for it. If your child doesn’t have a helpful teacher at school, a supportive teacher in the home for private tutoring is the best way to tip the balance back in the student’s favor. However, if your child has an average to good teacher, think about the following statement. If your child’s teacher was only teaching your child  See more...

Why Teachers To Go?

We have been supplying in-person academic tutoring and teachers to our client families for over ten years. As one of the first education match-maker companies and the largest booking agency for teachers, we take the responsibility of bringing you teachers who are the right fit very seriously. The teachers we bring to you for private tutoring are all credentialed and certified, and  See more...

Am I going to get a teacher from my child’s school?

If your child attends a public school, we cannot match you with a teacher for private tutoring who also works full-time at that school. We may or may not bring you another teacher from the same district as the school where your child is enrolled. In addition to full-time teachers,  See more...

What are your rates?

Rates depend on your location (zip code) and the subject(s) requested, as well as the amount of time per visit. Contact us and we will be glad to provide a quote specifically for your needs.

How does the registration process work?

1. Contact us by email or phone and provide us with your requested information and any preferences you might have.
2. We will get back to you and  See more...


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