Private Homeschool Teachers at your House are Now an Affordable Education Solution

There was a little-known secret years ago shared only by a few very busy parents. The secret was that with a little help, your child (or children) can achieve a well-rounded education or supplemental education experience at home — even when parents are too busy to be involved. How is this possible? Simple. Hire a private homeschool teacher to come to your house.

"We only do one thing; source and recruit teachers for private families. With our personalized process, we make it easy for you to meet and hire the best teacher for your children."

David Brake
Founder, Teachers To Go

Now after 15 years of helping busy parents in all 50 states, the word is out. Hiring a private homeschool teacher through Teachers To Go allows busy families to provide their children with a personalized, high-quality education at home. Whether part-time or full-time, we can find the right professional teacher to adapt to any curriculum and offer a flexible, cost-effective solution for families with diverse needs, including special education, travel, and dual locations. Teachers To Go handles all aspects of private teacher recruitment, ensuring a smooth and tailored process for finding the right teacher for your family. Unlimited educational consulting is included, and below are answers to many questions you may have about hiring a private teacher.

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Private Teacher

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Finding a Private Homeschool Teacher Near Me

Finding a private teacher is no longer just the answer to tutoring, homework help, or assistance with a student's school curriculum. It’s also fast becoming the answer for busy families who want to make sure their homeschool curriculums are running smoothly. What about finding and hiring the right personal teacher though? As it turns out, that’s the only part that can be complicated. Luckily however, no matter where you live, education consultants who specialize in taking care of everything for you can help, so that even the process of finding and hiring a teacher who is the right fit doesn’t have to take any time and energy.

Let’s face it: homeschooling, especially through high school, can seem like an overwhelming obstacle for busy families. If special needs are involved, it can look even more like an impractical proposition. In the most extreme cases, both parents work, and neither one has the appropriate amount of time to devote to the most important aspect of their children’s lives: their education. It’s no wonder that for many families, homeschooling can seem like mission impossible. Yet since COVID-19, busy families have been starting to realize the value of outsourcing and now the secret is out. Much like tutoring, education and supplemental learning can be outsourced too. The difference is that tutors aren’t trained or built for dealing with young kids, but teachers are. Enter the private teacher in your home.

Whether part-time, full-time, or “every once in a while as needed”, a private teacher can take over completely or fill in the gaps. They also don’t have to come with the hourly rate sticker shock of a private tutor. Of course, the hourly rate will differ depending on many variables: the location, hours and schedule, expectations, requirements, number of students, available number of teachers, local job market, and student needs.

"I want to thank you and your company because, for the second time, you made magic in finding a very good fit for my daughter. Your company is so good at matching educators with students with a wide variety of different needs. Thank you again, especially with being able to find such an amazing teacher in a very short amount of time!"
-Wendy Gallimore

So how would you use your very own private teacher?

The answer depends on each family’s individual goals and needs. For some, the teacher acts as a more qualified version of a tutor. In this role, the teacher helps make sure the children are on task and keeping up with their virtual homeschool curriculum. The teacher will also check that they are understanding the subject matter, and answer any questions they may have. The personal teacher may also interface with the student’s school or online teachers if they have them, to see what areas need improvement. Finally, the private teacher is there to provide the personal touch. Much like the nannies of the past, private homeschool teachers and tutors seem to be the additional family members in today’s home education environment.

Private Homeschool Teacher At Your House

The solution not only improves children’s prospects and their education, but also takes a big load off of the parents’ time and energy, and may be the answer to their prayers if they are both busy. In addition, most parents know they are not always proficient in every subject a student is supposed to take. With your own homeschool teacher, no longer do you have to feel like those subjects aren’t an option through home education. If you find that you need another teacher to occasionally come who is a specialist in order to round out certain subjects, much like hiring different specialist tutors for different subjects, you have that option as well.

How Do I Know If I Need a Homeschool Teacher for Private Tutoring?

Your Family is Busy – You don’t have time or energy to keep track of everything education-related or help all of your children as much as they need.

You Want Someone with More Expertise – You don’t have to be the expert when there are teachers who are.

Regardless of your homeschool academic needs, if you live anywhere in the USA, we are here to serve and support you.

You Need Less Anxiety – You prefer not to worry about whether your child will pass a certain class because they don’t know the answers or because you don’t know enough about a subject.

You Want the Highest Possible Academic Success – Having a professional there and ready in your house will enable your child to have the highest possible grades and the best chance of success.

In-Person Inspiration – When a child is only interacting with humans on a screen, there is a huge disconnect. It can even have an impact on the child’s self-esteem. This is especially true for younger children who require more human interaction to learn. A real teacher by your child’s side can keep him/her socialized and engaged for a more normalized learning experience, so there are no negative side effects.

One Or More Children Has Special Needs – There are some situations where a virtual curriculum is not practical, even when it is customized and taught by a good teacher. Some children have difficulties with distractions and require hands-on experiences.

Your Children Need To Be More Engaged – Your child may not be enthusiastic about a particular topic, or is just not getting it. This can cause complications with parents, and it often helps to have a professional who knows how to make things interesting for that age group. Learning from a parent when it’s a fun subject can be easier, but teaching your kids something they don’t like can be a lot like teaching your own kids to drive. It can sometimes work, but it can also be a disaster.

Your Children Learn Better When It’s Hands On – “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn.” There are many reasons why this is a famous proverb among teachers and schools. Most children simply learn better in person.

Homeschool Teacher Comes To Your Home

Benefits of Hiring a Private Teacher For Your Kids

Different Teachers – Learning from more than one teacher for older kids prepares students for the fact that eventually they will be learning from different teachers and be exposed to many teaching styles. Assuming they move on to college, this will become very important later.

Removes Frustration – Sometimes when there is a subject your child is having difficulty with, it’s better to let someone else step in and teach due to the frustration it can cause. If other children in the family are doing well in a subject but one isn’t, it can also mitigate any hard feelings to have a teacher for that child.

A Real Person Who is Always There to Answer Questions – Virtual schools and courses often don’t have a teacher ready on a regular basis to ask questions and explain things, especially for one student at a time. They do usually have solution guides, but often that’s not enough when you need a teacher to ask questions and explain things.

Someone Else to Hold Them Accountable – Sometimes a student may feel like a parent is being unfair or acting like a drill sergeant. They may treat the situation differently and respond better when they see there is someone else besides the parent holding them accountable for their work. It often helps to preserve the parent/child relationship when you can support your child while someone else is responsible for giving the grade.

Motivation – When your child understands a concept, there is a feeling of accomplishment. We all tend to feel successful and motivated when we continue to advance and move forward when we are learning.

Electives – Homeschooling isn’t just for academics. You can also use it to teach electives you don’t have the experience to do yourself. For instance, Teachers To Go supplies teachers for a wide variety of extra-curricular subjects, including languages, the arts, and musical instruments.

Comfortable & Controlled Learning Environment – The home is by nature comfortable, and a controlled environment that you can make changes to. Although you may have restrictions (with space for example), you will have the final say on modifying the spaces where learning takes place. For instance, you can have a room with less distractions during certain times for testing or subjects that take a high amount of concentration.

Frees Up Your Time – If you have more than one child to teach, having a homeschool teacher help out with subjects that one child needs extra assistance with allows you to continue working with the other children.

By its very nature, whether virtual or in-person, home school or private or public, school can often suck all of your time and energy. Many parents find themselves constantly checking their kids' grades online or freaking out when they find out assignments are missing. Since some participating schools and curriculums also send parents text or email alerts when new grades are posted, this can create a lot of anxiety when grades are low or when assignments are missing—not only for the kids, but also for parents. Luckily, assistance is now available, and having the right homeschool or private teacher for your family come to your house is becoming a quick and painless process.

Private Teachers Come To Your House

Can I Use Any Homeschool Curriculum or Remote School I Want?

The right professional classroom teacher for your family should be able and willing to teach your children using any curriculum of your choice or remote school where they are enrolled. For instance, if your children are enrolled in a remote school program like FLVS (Florida Virtual School) you may want an in-person teacher who is certified in Florida to come and teach them using that remote school program. This is because a state certified in-person teacher will be familiar with Florida state standards. However, if you are using an independent curriculum like Time 4 Learning or Abeka, you will likely still want to hire a professional classroom teacher, but the teacher may not specifically need to be certified in your state.

One of the best things about homeschooling is that there are such a wide variety of curriculum choices available, and many format options. With the right professional teacher in your home, in many states, you could also have the teacher write their own customized curriculum for your child and align it to state standards for much less than an expensive private school.

Should I Hire a Full-Time or Part-Time Homeschool Teacher?

As mentioned before, in most states, you can find courses that align with state standards taught virtually through a school or another accepted entity. Therefore, you could bring your private teacher to your house in-person to round out the experience, either full-time or in more of a part-time fashion. You don’t have to worry or do any of the teaching yourself if you hire a teacher full-time, but the cost is greater that way than if you share the responsibility with the teacher. If you hire a teacher part-time, it is more affordable, but you will continue to spend a significant amount of time teaching when you share the teaching responsibility with the teacher.

Note: It is especially important for younger students to have at least some in-person human teaching interaction! When students have trouble with remote and online programs, the situation can usually be fixed with one-to-one in-person interaction with a professional teacher. Of course, the outcome is also dependent on whether the teacher has a good rapport with the student and is the right fit.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Homeschool Teacher?

This is a lot like asking how much does it cost to buy a car or a house. The answer will depend on what you want (ie: your goals and priorities) as well as your budget. You might also say it could be similar to asking how much does it cost to hire a doctor? It will depend on what kind of doctor, as well as the diagnosis and what you need. To make a long story short, there is no "typical" or "average" salary when it comes to hiring a private homeschool teacher.

Hiring a private homeschool teacher could be anywhere from $10k/year to $100k/year, or anywhere from $20/hour to $100/hour. In fact, $20/hour could equal either $10k/year or $100k/year, depending on how many hours are taught. (Of course, it's doubtful you would want to hire someone to teach 14 hours a day, but the point is that it's possible.) Conversely, $200/hour can also be less than $10k/year if you hire a teacher to do an assessment for 1 hour/week and you take summers off. See what we mean?

So again, how much you are likely to pay your private homeschool teacher will completely depend on your priorities and needs, and what each teacher is going to charge for exactly what you want them to do at the location where you live. It will also depend on your budget, the details of your offer, and how picky you are. An educational consultant can help you sort all of this out.

Specific factors that are likely to determine how much you will pay include: your location, whether the position is part-time or full-time (ie: whether it is the main or only source of income for the teacher), the number of hours, where and how the hours are placed, the minimum qualifications of the teacher, the duties and requirements of the job, and any additional pre-qualifiers and/or personal preferences you put forth.

If you want to optimize your chances that you don't pay too much or too little for exactly the kind of teacher you are looking for, hire an educational consultant/recruiter who has expertise in recruiting private homeschool teachers.

Why Can't I Just Go to a Tutoring Website or Nanny Agency?

Predatory tutoring websites and nanny agencies will pretend that hiring a teacher is the same thing as hiring a tutor or nanny, because working with teachers is not really their expertise. However, even they know it isn't the same thing, and so will you after they waste your time and money. (Hint: If the website or company has "tutor" or "nanny" in their name, that's a red flag that they don't know what they're talking about.)

It could be possible once in a great while to get lucky when filling a part-time position if you find a qualified teacher who happens to list as a "nanny" or "tutor," but in that case searching through profiles may be time consuming and the teacher's commitment is often questionable. (They are just looking for pick-up work.) If a tutoring website or nanny company ever tells you that they know how to fill your FULL-TIME private teacher position (homeschool or otherwise), RUN. They have no idea.

Teachers have different expectations than tutors and nannies, they ask different questions, and they find different things attractive and unattractive when it comes to considering private jobs with families. In the worst case yet most common scenario, a homeschool teacher job is often completely ignored by the very teachers the family is trying to attract. This could be for many reasons, salary is only one factor.

How Does Teachers To Go Work?

Teachers To Go does one thing, and we do it really well. We are education consultants who recruit teachers for private families. That’s it! We have been the premier experts in finding the right teacher for busy families since before it was "cool." After matching thousands of families with teachers all of these years, we still have the same perfect A+ BBB rating today.

If you want to take your chances and already know everything you need to know, have all the time in the world and are not picky about who you hire, there is no point in working with us. But if you want to know all of your options and have someone take care of everything and bring you the right teacher within 20 business days, we are the company you call.

The first step is to Contact Us and tell us what you are looking for so that we understand your needs and goals. We will respond by emailing you a registration form with all of the details about our service. We will also be glad at any time to answer any questions that you may have. If you decide to move forward at any time, then simply fill out the registration form and email it back to us. (You may not know the answers to everything on the last page, and that’s ok. You can just write “Teacher” at the top and leave the middle part blank, then sign and date the bottom. We will discuss the details of the last page anyway and make adjustments at your option during the consultation phase.)

Once we receive your completed form, we will email you a link to make your payment for our services. As soon as your payment is received, we will send you a confirmation email and schedule the first consultation call. The initial consultation normally takes about an hour, but you are not limited to that time, and you can have unlimited consultations with us during the consultation phase. We can usually schedule the first consultation call within 72 hours Monday-Friday from the time we receive your payment if you are available to speak.

During the consultation phase, we will take careful notes and listen to all of the specifics of what you want, as well as all your goals and priorities. We will also ask many questions, and also provide options and advice. Our job is not to tell you what to do, but to provide you with all of the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you.

Once all of the details have been decided at the end of the consultation phase and you are ready for us to begin the search, we will have up to 20 business days to introduce you to the top finalist candidates to fill your position. You can then interview the top two, three, or more if you prefer, and hire the teacher who you like the best. If you don’t like any finalist candidate who we present, we will continue to search and introduce you to more until your position is filled. If we cannot even bring you one available finalist candidate who meets all of the requirements of your position within 20 business days, we will refund your payment.

After you hire the teacher, we provide a two month guarantee. If everything isn’t perfect (ie: if for any reason the teacher you hire is not the perfect fit or doesn’t work out for any reason within 2 months from the time of introduction), we will replace the teacher at no additional cost. We will continue to keep in touch with you and make sure that you are always happy.

How We Have Helped Busy Families

Teachers To Go has been helping busy families and providing professional homeschool teachers for private tutoring since 2007, long before coronavirus presented families with new challenges. Here are a few stories in the parents’ words about how we have helped busy families more recently since the age of COVID.

CASE 1 (Florida): Single Parent

The Problem

As a single parent, I just don’t have the time or knowledge to help my children at home with remote learning while I am working. The school program was worthless. One teacher read a story to our 7 year old before asking him to read, and then asked what the story was about. This was once a week for about 15 minutes, and they would have one assignment for reading and one for math. Our 8 year old only has two reading and two math lessons a week. They would also meet once a week as a class on Zoom. That was it. There was no review or individual assessment. It’s not really education, and it’s just not the same.

The Solution

I consulted with Teachers To Go and they talked to me for a long time. They listened to my concerns and showed me what options were available in my state. After thinking about it, instead of switching to a customized homeschool curriculum or changing to a different school, I decided for now to just have them bring in a real teacher who knows the state standards to supplement my kids at home with a “real” education while they do their virtual school work. Since this might be temporary, I decided they can always go back to their school in person later, or I can change schools or have a teacher do custom homeschool later if I want. After a few days, we were introduced to a teacher who so far has been perfect for my family. I can tell she really cares about the kids and knows what she’s doing. I can rest easy knowing that they are learning and that they won’t be behind, and that they will be competitive and prepared for whatever comes next.

CASE 2 (California): Multiple Children

The Problem

My husband and I both work and we have four children, two with special needs. Three of them are being homeschooled by me. The oldest was in public school, but he is way behind and now we want to pull him out. The problem is my responsibilities have increased with my work, and I am really stretched too thin. We already have a homeschool curriculum that we like and I just really want a teacher who will collaborate and take some of the load off. The teacher needs to be very organized and professional with experience, yet flexible enough to work with the curriculum we have chosen.

The Solution

Well, I can’t be more happy—and relieved. The teacher is great with the kids, nice and caring, and great working with me. We decided to have her come three times a week in the mornings for now, and I would take over when she’s not there. She brings a lot to the table, and her special needs experience has also helped a lot with improving one of my children’s attitudes and engagement. It kind of already feels like she’s part of the family.

CASE 3 (Texas): Private School

The Problem

We have a daughter who goes to a very prestigious private school in Houston, and they moved to virtual learning only for the entire 2020-2021 school year. I understand this, but what my husband and I don’t understand is that they are charging the same amount as they normally do in person. (Hint: it’s a lot!) The online curriculum has a lot of technical bells and whistles, but not a lot of teacher time, and our daughter is only in 2nd grade. We think she needs some hands-on and someone to keep her company, as well as interested with her learning. We both work and don’t have time to monitor and keep track of everything.

The Solution

When we brought in Teachers To Go, the first thing I told them is that we didn’t feel like it makes sense to us to pay the crazy tuition this year when we are basically getting half the value. We asked them to show us some resources and options for homeschooling in our state, and ultimately we decided to go with a professional teacher who could create a custom homeschool curriculum for our daughter that is aligned with state standards. Now here’s the crazy part: not only did the teacher turn out to be amazing and our daughter is happy, but we feel like we are getting top quality private homeschool individually tailored to her for less than 1/4th of the cost of the private school. We can always go back or try something else when this is all over, but we’re not looking back on this decision. Well worth the investment!

CASE 4 (Massachusetts): Virtual Learning

The Problem

So my children are both doing virtual learning this year during the pandemic, but one of them is easily distracted and doesn’t respond well to screens. We’ve done tests with the school and doctors and they can’t figure out why, but his eyes get tired easily. He really needs someone to come in to take the curriculum and teach it in physical form, and then coordinate with his teachers. I am working and so is my husband, and we don’t have time to give either of them really the attention they deserve.

The Solution

We so appreciate the help! Our teacher is wonderful and the process was easy. I knew she was the right one when we interviewed her, and sure enough, she’s so good with the kids. She’s been translating the screen time to hands-on every day and working with the school, and both kids’ grades are solid. I can sleep now.

CASE 5 (New York): Split Location

The Problem

I was looking for a teacher to homeschool my 3 and 4 year old, but we live in two locations. We are in New York some months on and some months off, and the months off we travel to Tennessee. I had the kids enrolled in private school in NY, but am no longer happy with it and we have nothing at the other location. I'm looking for maybe 2-3 hours four days a week for each of them with structured learning? (Not sure if they’d be doing work together since they’re on different levels and have different interests.) We’d like to be able to interview/pick our own teacher (or teachers) instead of one just being placed. Again, we would need somebody in NY and in TN.

The Solution

This was amazing! I wasn't sure at first if filling two seperate positions was practical or even possible, but Teachers To Go really came through. Both positions were put out at the same time, although not surprisingly, it took a little longer to fill the one at our location in TN (it is in the middle of nowhere), but they were still able to find a qualified teacher for us who is doing a great job. Truth be told, all but one of the candidates seemed like a perfect fit, so it was really hard to choose. I would say we got lucky twice, and it sure was a lot less stress to know that this was taken care of.

CASE 6 (Colorado): Travel

The Problem

We have 3 kids we homeschool currently, but we’re looking for a teacher to do all of the schooling. The problem is, we spend about 1/3 of the year traveling, both domestically and internationally. So if we could do a mix of in person when we are home and online when we travel, that would be ideal. This is the first time we’ve looked for something like this, so we’re trying to get an idea about how it would work. The main thing is the travel aspect.

The Solution

Wow, problem solved and our teacher is the best. All of the kids love her, and she is flexible enough with the scheduling remotely to make it work around the same time when we are out of town. We were basically putting everything on hold whenever we traveled before, but this really frees us up. The kids have a regular schedule at home, and now whenever we hit the road the teacher provides the education continuity we were missing. I'm really glad we took the plunge. Honestly, I don't know why we didn't do it before.

CASE 7 (Maryland): Special Needs

The Problem

We have a child in public school special education who was put in a classroom where he is not learning anything. He is with other children in a SPED classroom with special needs, but he is at a much higher grade level than the others who are well below grade level. He has an IEP and although he does need physical assistance for his disabilities and it is a smaller classroom size of only 8-10 students, they still are not able to meet his needs academically. We looked into private schools, but found that most of them would be similar while charging a lot, so we were wondering if getting a private special education teacher at our location might be a viable option. He also has a compromised immune system, so hiring our own private teacher might work out for that too if it is viable.

The Solution

In hindsight, this was definitely the right thing to do. While he may not be twice exceptional, our son is now learning at a rate that is much closer to his capabilities due to individual attention he is receiving now. The teacher has been great for him, and working with her at home has been both much more productive and safer. Thank you to Teachers To Go and the instructor we love! We are now able to meet our son's needs much more efficiently.

CASE 8 (North Carolina): Preschool Teacher

The Problem

I would like to have a preschool teacher come to our home for our two kids (ages 3 and 4) for kindergarten prep. My husband and I both work, and we have neither the time nor the experience to provide them with the foundation they need. We would prefer a pre-K teacher with a learner-led approach if possible (Montessori, etc.), but also with the academics thrown in. The teacher can be preK or kinder, but the goal is to get the oldest ready for kindergarten next year when she turns five.

The Solution

I have to say, so far this is working out even better than expected. Our teacher really has it together, and the kids love her. She keeps them engaged, and seems to be cultivating a love of learning, which is just what we asked for. As long as the children continue to progress while looking forward to the time they spend with her, we're happy. We really appreciate you taking the time to find the right pre-K teacher for us, thanks for all you do!

CASE 9 (Utah): Remote High School

The Problem

Our daughter is currently enrolled in BYU Online High School, and we need to get her through remainder of her 9th grade year. Then we can adjust curriculum or program based on teacher suggestion. We need a teacher who is strict but caring. She’s overall smart, but she isn't approaching school with the same vigorous joy she used to, and we feel having an in-person teacher will help her to build a strong relationship to learning again. We need to find the right fit for her future, and we are hoping your company can assist us in doing so. I left a telephone message for you this morning.

The Solution

Just a quick follow up message to let you know how happy we are with this teacher. She works exceptionally well with my daughter, and thank God because I am a stay at home mom and she needs me to be her mother not teacher. My daughter seems to be not only back on track now, but also is happy with learning again, and we have had her evaluated thoroughly. Mission accomplished!

CASE 10 (Indiana): ADHD & Autism

The Problem

We have a boy in middle school with ADHD and high-functioning autism, and would like to have a private homeschool teacher come to our home and create a customized curriculum for him. He has an IEP, but his school has become a distracting environment because he has been placed with other kids who also have issues. We would like to find a teacher who is experienced with special needs, but who can also teach some high school level courses. (Bonus if the teacher can also teach late elementary for his 5th grade sister, since we are thinking about pulling her out as well.) The right teacher will have a good balance of kindness and focus to get things done, as well as a sense of humor.

The Solution

So I have to admit we were a bit skeptical at first, because we weren’t sure if the kind of teacher we were looking for even exists nearby since there aren’t that many people close to where we live. But since you guys provided us with information about how to make this look attractive to the right teacher to drive for 45 minutes, that seemed to be the right solution. Our teacher is awesome, and basically just what we envisioned. The one-to-one learning for our son has really been a game-changer. They get along famously, and we just started having her work with our daughter as well. We are so glad we found you and took the jump.

CASE 11 (Virginia): Grade Level Assessments

The Problem

My family has been homeschooling since day one and I have three kids. I have always been the teacher, and we use a Classical faith-based curriculum that I am happy with. The thing is, now that the kids are getting older, I find some of the subject matter is getting to be outside of my wheelhouse and I want to have a co-teacher who is a professional come in to do some assessments. I feel like having a professional private educator who can make sure we are on the college track would be a good idea at this point, since my oldest is now well into 9th grade. I also think having a part-time co-teacher who knows more than I do about some subjects would be a good idea to help take some of the stress off. I’m not looking for a teacher to come and take over, but a part-time professional teacher to collaborate and split duties with me. Even better if they know something about college test prep!

The Solution

Although I wasn’t sure exactly how this was going to work, I wanted to follow up briefly to let you to know it’s working great! The kids and I are really happy with our new co-teacher, and I’m getting everything I wanted from this. Thank you also for the extra direction and ideas during our discussion before filling the position. It really helped a lot to discuss priorities. I feel a lot better now having a second person to split duties with who I can rely on to make sure everything is on track. I will definitely recommend you to others!

CASE 12 (Illinois): Teacher/Caretaker

The Problem

My wife and I run our own business, and we have always had household help. We have four kids, and a nanny who has been homeschooling them for the past couple of years. The oldest is now in 3rd grade, and all four are very bright. They are at grade level or higher. They don’t really need a nanny anymore, and we think at this time they would be better served by having an actual teacher. The only problem is, there are some times when we have to be away traveling, and most of the day we are not available until 5pm. So we need a full-time teacher who will also be the caretaker for the children. She doesn’t have to clean the house or anything (we have a housekeeper), just watch the kids after their school work is completed until 5pm, and sometimes take them to activities after school hours. We would also like a teacher who would enjoy taking them on educational outings, like to the museums or zoo, etc.

The Solution

As you know, we hired our teacher a month ago, and I just want to tell you how pleased we are with how things are going. She is beyond wonderful! Kids are doing well and learning a lot more than I think they could before they had a real teacher, but just as important, they like her and really seem to enjoy their time together. She is certified K-8, so everything is taken care of for a while. It’s great to know that we are doing the right thing for our kids and for us, but beyond that, it sure makes it easier during the day to know that they are in good hands. Can’t thank you enough.

CASE 13 (Washington): Relocating

The Problem

We recently moved, and now we are already well into the school year. At first the company my husband works for notified him that he wasn’t going to be transferred, so we enrolled the kids in the private school they were attending. Then long story short, everything changed and he had to move for work after all. Very little notice on that--but here we are! Unfortunately, we are not happy with the schools here. The kids had a real bumpy transition, and it didn’t help that the school year had already started. We have one in junior high (here it's called middle school) and one in elementary. The one in middle school also has learning differences (dyslexia), and they don’t seem to have a lot of resources for this in the semi-rural area where we are. There are some private school options, but they are too far away to drive, and I doubt that any of them are still open for enrollment at this time in the year anyway. Help!

The Solution

OK, let me just tell you, the certified teacher you brought us is not just doing a great job for the kids. She is also great at coaching me! As my point person working out the curriculum, planning educational objectives, aligning with state standards, and evaluating the kids progress, I couldn’t do this without her. But as my superviser who is also “teaching me to teach them”, she is really awesome. It’s just an added value I didn’t think about or expect. Anyway, I am so relieved--thank you!

CASE 14 (Arizona): Bilingual Family

The Problem

I need a private teacher who speaks Spanish and English fluently and can teach in both languages. I have two children in elementary and both are bilingual. I am also bilingual, but my wife will be home during the day while I am at work, and she speaks mostly Spanish. I need a female teacher who can teach all subjects in both languages to the kids, and also communicate with my wife. This can be full-time, or just in the mornings if the teacher can fit everything in before 12:00.

The Solution

Hey, just letting you know we are really happy with our teacher. My kids like her a lot and she works well with their mom, which I appreciate. If I had it to do over again, I would have called you sooner. Really appreciate it!

What our customers are saying...

"As a former retained executive recruiter in the hedge fund space and agency owner with the reputation of only recruiting the best of the best, as well as being an outside the box thinker, I want to commend Teachers To Go on the excellent candidates you have provided meeting some very defined and somewhat challenging requirements. You not only had to find one, but two teachers within these strict parameters, and you hit it out of the ballpark on both of them! You truly know your space, and that is why I retained you for this very important search. Thank you."

Edwin Ostrand
Executive Recruiter/Financial Services

"I want to thank you and your company because, for the second time, you made magic in finding a very good fit for my daughter. Your company is so good at matching educators with students with a wide variety of different needs. Thank you again, especially with being able to find such an amazing teacher in a very short amount of time!"

Wendy Gallimore

"Our teacher was introduced to our family at the end of December 2022 by Teachers To Go, and she has been nothing but a huge blessing to all of us. The process of finding her through Teachers To Go was simple, stress-free, and extremely helpful. David was able to take what I thought we needed, what we were willing to offer, and fill in the gaps to align with the market and recruit exceptional talent!! I'm excited for him and his team to have the opportunity to do it again for one of my relatives!"

Kayla Hinton

"You really hit the ball out of the park!! I've been meaning to thank you ever since you sent this email but some family emergencies got the best of me. My apologies! I have just hired our new teacher!! She's absolutely perfect and we couldn't be happier! Thank you a million times over!! You're amazing!"

Dana Tilton

"I want to thank you again for your services, this is the second time Teachers To Go has helped my family hire a professional and qualified teacher for my children and I could not have done this without your help. As a business owner, I know the value you bring as recruiters, since I do all the hiring myself for my business. You're a tremendous resource, and if I need another teacher in the future, you'll be the first to know!"

Felipe Soto

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