Homeschooling: Certified Teachers Come To You

Any curriculum, anytime, anywhere. Teachers & Tutors for Individualized Instruction. Over 10 years of service.

Any curriculum you choose can be supplemented and augmented with one of our qualified in-person teachers. We work with professional certified teachers and tutors, and we always make sure that we bring you the right teacher or tutor for your needs. Just let us know your preferences.

Online programs and curriculums may allow students to successfully complete grades and lesson work and graduate from accredited schools, but parents are busy and don’t always have time to monitor homework and progress. In cases where the curriculum is online only and a parent is not the teacher, too often the human component is lost without the presence of a real teacher in the home to inspire and guide the student on their journey. In addition, even though a parent may be teaching, there could be a subject or two that the parent is not knowledgeable in or where a student shows special interest, or where he or she could benefit from a trained expert teacher.

Our specialist teachers are homeschool instruction and individualization experts who can help your children follow through with their plan by providing the personal touch needed from a real teacher. This can be one to three days per week for all subjects to augment the current curriculum and make sure things are getting done, or full-time every day, or for one or two subjects only where help is needed on a weekly basis.

If you are a parent teaching your child and need a teacher or tutor for just one particular subject, we can bring you an expert teacher or tutor for the subject you need, even if it is just one to two hours/week. We can also bring you a bilingual teacher if needed in English/Spanish, or any another language pair. If you need help with homeschooling in general or any specific subject, our top quality personalized service comes with over ten years of experience.

Pricing for Instruction

Please Contact Us so we can get the information we need to provide you a quote.

Our main goal is to help homeschool families establish an individualized homeschool plan and bring you teachers to help implement that plan, whether in-person or online. We will walk with you every step of the way, answering questions and helping with schedules, and bringing you just the right teacher to meet your individual needs with any curriculum you choose while providing ongoing support.

If you have a child with special needs, we can also help. Many of our teachers have special education backgrounds, and are happy to provide the individualized services you require at your location. We are the largest booking agency for teachers in the US, with thousands of teachers nationwide. If for some reason you are located in an area where we cannot provide you with the teacher or tutor you need in person, we can always provide instruction online. If your family travels frequently, we are also happy to provide for your needs, whether that involves online instruction or a teacher to travel with your family.

Regardless of your homeschool academic needs, if you live anywhere in the USA, we are here to serve and support you.

Please Contact Us with any questions. We'd be happy to answer them.


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