Families Needing a Private Homeschool Teacher

From curriculum selection to individualized instruction, we have teachers who can cover all your homeschool needs.

Areas Served

We provide in-person services for clients in all areas across the United States, including remote areas and the surrounding suburbs of major cities. We have homeschool clients in California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, and all over the United States. No matter where you live, in ten to twenty business days, we will bring the right qualified teacher for your family to your house.

Free Consultations

Contact Us and we will review the information submitted in our form, and then reach out to you via email with basic information. We will also schedule a free phone consultation if you decide to move forward. During the initial consultation, we will answer your questions regarding homeschooling and your needs. If you decide to move forward and work with us, we will have a more detailed consultation and collect all of the information from you that is necessary to help us determine which teacher or teachers would be the best fit for your family. We will also discuss any preferences that you may have regarding homeschool programs and private teachers.

Curriculum Selection

If you have determined which curriculum you would like to use, we are happy to work with that curriculum. We will go with your preferences and we have no set curriculum, as no one curriculum works best for all students. Most professional teachers can work with any bonified curriculum, and if you have a preference, we may also be able to bring you a teacher who has prior experience with your curriculum choice. If you would like curriculum recommendations or want to know more about accreditation and accredited programs in your state, we are also happy to offer information and guidance so you can make choices specifically based on your child's needs and learning styles.

Hiring a Private Teacher

We use the information you provide to bring you a qualified teacher who is the best match for your children and your family; from experience and teaching styles to personality. All teachers are fully vetted, and we speak personally with them at length. We will also take care to make sure the private teacher we provide is a good match for the curriculum you choose and for your family’s culture and preferences. We believe a good homeschool teacher who is compatible with the student and family's values is the key to learning with any homeschool curriculum and the best way to ensure success.

In-Person Virtual / Remote Learning Support

We understand and respect that each family has their own risk level when it comes to medical issues, and we support your decisions regarding protocols. One of the advantages to working with us is that we will make sure any teacher we bring you is the right fit for your choices in this regard. If you child is learning virtually or working with a remote curriculum, we can bring you a private teacher in person to provide complimentary support at your own house who is in-line with and will respect your preferences.

Ongoing Support

We do not set you up with a teacher and leave the rest up to you. We know you’re busy, so we are always available to answer questions, offer advice, and discuss any concerns with you and your teacher(s) or tutor(s) throughout your contract. For instance, preschool and kindergarten homeschool have a different set of circumstances and needs than 2nd or 3rd grade, and we will remain available to consult as your children grow.

Special Needs

Services for students with special needs can be challenging to find, but we have many expert teachers who have special education backgrounds. This allows you to choose and implement the most appropriate supplemental teaching aligned with your child’s remote school program or align supplemental teaching with your homeschool program for your child, and enjoy the benefit and expertise of a special education teacher by their side to make sure everything is on track. In most cases, we can bring you teachers who have expertise and experience with ADD, ADHD, Autism, cognitive or speech and/or language delays, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, processing deficits, and/or general learning or physical disabilities, and we will always make sure that we provide you with the teacher who has the proper expertise and who is best suited to assist your child.

Bilingual Instruction

Whether you need a bilingual teacher because your family speaks Spanish & English or another language, or need a bilingual teacher because you want your child to learn in more than one language, or would like group instruction or tutoring to learn a second language, we are available to provide for your needs. We have bilingual private teachers in most languages for most subjects in almost every area, and many thousands of teachers across the US who speak more than one language. If you are located in a major city or suburb, chances are good that we can provide in person help at your house in any language you need. If you prefer, we can always help with an online teacher who really cares about your goals. Either way, we will provide you with a teacher who can facilitate the most effective instruction for your family.

In-Person Or Online Sessions

Although most families who contact us prefer in-person instruction with a private or homeschool teacher, we also have families who need teachers online and teachers who prefer to teach online. Whatever your preference, we will find the right teacher for you.

Traveling Students

If your family travels often, we are happy to provide an online teacher or a teacher to travel with your family for face-to-face instruction. Whether you prefer virtual or remote education or you prefer to make arrangements for private tutoring with a homeschool teacher while you are away, we can do that. No matter your needs, we will make sure we bring you the right match.

Pricing for Instruction

Please Contact Us so we can get the information we need to provide you a quote.

Payment Options

The Process

After you submit your request through our contact form, we will respond via email or have a free phone consultation at your option, and speak about options for homeschool or private tutoring. If you would like more information or if you decide to move forward, we will then send the appropriate registration form that includes all of the basic information for providing our in-person teacher services so we can get started selecting and scheduling your teachers. The process can take ten to twenty business days from the time we receive your signed form and initial payment, and the registration form will also answer many of the questions you may have. You can also call us any time at our office number.

We have the expertise needed to bring you the right top quality state-certified private teacher or tutor to your home for your homeschool or virtual school program, and we have been providing this kind of private education for over ten years. Our certified teachers will be capable of teaching your children using any bona fide, accredited, or state-mandated curriculum, and you can use our services temporarily until your children are ready to return to a school setting, or as a permanent option for their ongoing education. You can also use our in-person teaching and tutoring services as a supplement to regular education in any public or private school. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.


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